The personal Authentic experience we offer our members outweighs those over priced Dating Apps, Taste Date is a professional super friendly way to break the Ice and connect with Like Minded Singles. Live matching Taste Dates is a fun interactive way that brings compatible people together for memorable and exciting experiences.

Why Choose Singles Events Melbourne To Find Love?

Our success for Helping Melbournians Singles is keeping the prices down and the events more regular to improve your chances of finding that perfect match.
Taste Date offer many different events at different times, dates, locations so there are no excuses for getting out and finding your true love…

While the concept is simple, not many can do it as good as Taste Date.
Every Advertised Event comes with a talented experienced Host that sets the scene for unforgettable experiences. We hand select classy venues throughout Melbourne’s famous streets from Local Funky Bars, Restaurants, and popular night spots with the best vibe.

It’s time to get out and experience what Melbourne has to offer. Inspiring people and amazing dishes is why everyone is winning with Taste Date.
Speed Dating & Food Tasting delicious array of hand selected Restaurant, Bars, and local food hangouts that’s cool and uniquely there own.

The more dates you do the better your odds, so grab your single friends and register togther now!

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