We are back for even more weird Speed Dating.

Last week we covered strange speed dating from around the word, from robots that do the talking for the (very shy) guests, to single events on a train, there are so many strange varieties of speed dating out their. 

Singles Events in Melbourne have always stayed pretty classic, as have most singles events in Australia, but what about naked speed dating? Keep reading. 

From Perth (yep, right here on home soil!) to the United Kingdom, singles event organisations are running naked speed dating where customers strip off all of their clothes and enjoy a night of speed dating in the nude. That’s totally nude. No underpants, no fashion accessories, nothing, just nude speed dating, unless of course the guests want to leave some clothes on, it’s really up to them. 

It’s had mixed results around the world, with better turn outs in the Uk, here in Australia however, some nights have been prone to cancel due to the male tickets selling out but almost no female tickets getting sold at all. It turns out the men are quicker to take there clothes of when dating than the women.

What started off as a dare or a gimmick for some turned out to be a fun and surprisingly comfortable night out. 

How about speed dating so important that it’s set up by the government in order to save the human race? Yep, you read that correctly, and it’s back over in Japan – home of the speed dating robots!

In 2015 the Japanese government decided to combat a shrinking population by setting up and funding dating services where singles show up, go on a series of short dates and decide who they want to see again. 

It’s really just the classic speed dating formula, only funded by the government to encourage a young population that is loosing interest in relationships and marriage to hook up and make babies. 

In Japan this process is often called ‘konkatsu’, which translates into English as ‘Marriage Hunting’ – at Taste Date we’ll just stick to calling our unique twist Degustation Speed Dating, much safer.

In our first two blogs we covered how speed dating works and how it all started, but what about alternative versions of it – or really bizarre versions of it – from around the world?

Has that classic ‘move around the table’ style of good ole’ fashioned speed dating ever been changed or altered to suit fashion, fads or cultural needs?

At Taste Date we’ve added a tapas dinner on top of the classic format, but in some countries it has gone even further, much further. Take Germany for example – singles on a train! In Berlin, in 2008, Deutsche Bahn (the folks who look after the trains in Berlin) decided to put on a ‘Flirt Express’ night for free. The format? Singles of mixed aged arrive at a train platform where a bar has been set up for them – and that’s just beginning of the night.  

Then Berlin’s Panorama train (you might remember these in Europe, train carriages outfitted with massive windows that make up most of the ceiling) pulls in. Everyone gets on board and takes their seats. Then it becomes classic ‘move around the table’ speed dating, only the dates were around three minutes long, and the women stay seated in their train seats while the men move around the carriage – and nobody can get off! The train travels around Berlin for two and a half hours. 

This free event became so popular (especially on Valentine’s day) that the demand quickly outweighed the amount of space available on the train. It even ended up spreading to other German cities – oh, and did we mention that every female guest got a free red rose and every male got a free pretzel? 

There’s something very German and practical about the ‘Flirt express’, but things become more strange when we visit Japan, were a dating service hosts classic speed dating with a twist. Masks. No, not theatre masks, or tribal masks or cosplay masks (although they all sound pretty fun) but surgical masks. Yep, those paper ones often worn in big Asian cities to stop the spread of germs or to filter out smog. Why? The organisation running the event believes that the masks hide enough of the facial features, forcing all of their guests to judge each other on their personality, a focus shifts that makes people judge each other on their character, rather than their looks. Don’t worry we won’t be making anyone wear masks at any of our events! 

Would it be hard to believe that there are now speed dating events in Japan that are mitigated by robots? Yep, you guessed it, small robot wingmen who sit on the table and do the talking for the guests – shy guests that is! The robots come loaded with the profiles of each guest based on a survey. 

The robots then talk to each other, asking quests and making statements based on this data. The speed daters then simply sit back and watch the robot conversation in front of them. This robot conversation lasts for about three minutes, afterwards, the real life human get to decide if they want to continue on themselves pursue and actual conversation the old fashioned way, once this is done (or not done – awkward!) they males move around the table were another lady – and a another set of talking robots! – is waiting for them.    

Join us next week were we once again explore more of the strange alternative versions of speed dating around the world.





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So many people, especially people in relationships, seem to have a lot of strong opinions about single culture and what single people do. ‘Tinder is just for hooking up’ ‘Singles clubs are sleazy’ ‘Singles have all the fun’ – or – ‘singles are always lonely and sad’.

Are these things true? Not really, sometimes maybe, but not really – and the same goes for speed dating. For something that has a lot of mystery and a lot of opinions thrown around about it, it’s actually very simple.

If you punch ‘what is speed dating’ into Google right now, in March 2019, you get this – noun ‘ an organised social activity in which people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there is mutual interest’.

If you type ‘speed dating’ into Wikipedia you’ll get this – ‘Speed dating is a formalised matchmaking process which has the purpose of encouraging eligible singles to meet large numbers of new potential partners in a very short period of time’.

This gives us a bit of an idea of what’s going on, but seriously: what is speed dating?

What Is Speed Dating and How Can I Benefit?

Well here is the process in a nutshell: You (a single person who wants to meet other single people – and in our case – also loves food!) pre-book a ticket online. Then you show up to the event, usually a bar or function centre – or a warm and cosy eatery in our case, but more on that at the end. Lets pick a hypothetical and say that there are twelve men and twelve women for this event.

The events are categorised in age group, say late twenties to mid-thirties, mid thirties to forties etc. Here’s where the fun begins, the host – yes, someone warm and friendly needs to be looking after you all and setting the tone for the night – welcomes everyone in, shows you to the bar (we all need a bit of liquid courage sometimes!) if you need a drink and helps you to relax and unwind from the day.

Once all of the guests have arrived the host gets everyone seated, so that means twenty-four guests seated on twelve private tables, one girl and one guy on each table.

Sounding like a date yet? Well it is, only it’s a very short one, usually about seven minutes long. The host is the timekeeper, and every seven minutes he or she rings bell, how often do you get to go somewhere were bell ringing is really fun? What does then mean? Well, it means that the speed date is over. The men all stand and move around the room clockwise or anti-clockwise while the women stay seated (come on guys, you can do the heavy lifting!)

The men move around the room, table to table, every seven minutes. There’s usually a break in the middle and by the end of it all, all twelve guys and all twelve gals have had a seven minute date with each other – that’s probably more dates in one night than many people will have in their entire lifetime! It’s incredibly fun and stimulating.

Now, what happens if you decide you want to see someone again during your seven minute speed date? Well, just like all dating it’s a two way street, so if you like them and they like you and you both tick ‘yes’ on your card (did we mention that you have a little card you fill in over the night? You don’t have to write a master degree on each date, all you have to do is tick ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it’s very simple) then your host will match your emails that night, or by the next morning.

If you don’t connect with any of your speed dates you simply tick no or leave the space with their name blank, it’s that easy. The night is over after all the dates and for some, the night is still young – so some people go out, some people hang at the venue afterwards and enjoy a few more drinks, some people go straight home to rest all that off social excitement off, it’s really just up to you. And that is how speed dating works.

What makes Taste Date special?

At Taste Date we do the same classic speed dating process, why change it? It’s been a fantastic, solid format since it was invented in the seventies (check out next week’s blog for a bit of speed dating history).

The difference is that we add food. Lets face it, everything in life is better when you add food, especially dating! But no one wants to sit in front of their first date with a four hundred gram steak and a kilo of chips (sorry men, we weren’t talking about that kind of food!) so we’ve made it fun, neat and dainty by dishing out small plates of delicious tapas at each of our events, small portions, easy to eat, no mess – and lots of serves over the course of the night that add up to a full meal by the end.

If you’re a bit on the shy side, it means that you can at least talk about food – one of the most interesting topics anyway, and a great way to learn about other people.

Come back next week when we go in to a little more detail about how this all started, like food and dating itself, speed dating has an interesting history…

If you want to know how speed dating actually works, then check out our first blog. Now we’re going to dive in to how it actually started, it didn’t just happen by itself, and before someone rang the bell to swap tables, a Rabbi in LA was ringing his gragger!

Imagine a time before dating apps and websites, a time when the internet was only just coming out of it’s infancy: the late nineties. It was nineteen ninety eight to be exact, when a TV executive by the name of Antony Beilinsohn was encouraged by his rabbi, Yaacov Deyo, to come up with a way for Jewish singles to meet each other and potentially find love and marriage too – although we promise we won’t put ant of that pressure on you at our events!

Apparently Antony and Yaacov were doing a brainstorming session in a living room. Being in the entertainment industry, Antony had friends from television brainstorming with him. Some of them had experience with game shows and TV and together they came up with a winning format that was also fun and entertaining.

Antony ended up co-hosting what would become the world’s first speed dating event at ‘Peet’s Coffee and Tea’ in Beverly Hills. Rabbi Yaacov Deyo brought along his gragger, a noisemaker Jews use during Purim – a Jewish holiday. The format they used is the classic, 101 speed dating style that’s still used to this day. The men switch tables when the bell (or in this case, gragger) is rang and the dates lasted around ten minutes and from there, the format spread across the USA, Great Britain, Europe and all the way down to Australia.

Like anything, it’s had it’s ups and downs with falling in and out of fashion, yet despite the rise of online dating culture it has survived and it’s going very strong in major cities around the world such as London, New York, Los Angelis etc, as well as throughout Australia.

There are even unusual takes on speed dating, at Taste Date we’ve added dinner to the classic format and in Berlin in 2009 there was a speed dating event on a train – but you’ll need to come back to next weeks blog to learn more about that, when we cover some bizarre and unusual takes on speed dating from across the globe.

Notice how we write ‘speed dating’ and not ‘SpeedDating’ as one word? Because SpeedDating, as a single word, is a registered trademark of Aish HaTorah, a Jewish resource group in Los Angeles, of which Rabbi Deyo, who’s really responsible for starting the whole thing back in 98’, is a director of.

Creating a patent for SpeedDating didn’t stop the spread from Peet’s Coffee and Tea to the rest of the world, but Rabbi Deyo has made peace with that fact, stating that: “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life writing letters to a roadhouse outside of Atlanta to tell them they can’t do an event,”
And –

“In Judaism, there’s a concept of zechus — the merit that is created by a good action, to see your actions unfold in a good way makes for a happier existence. And I’m a happy guy.”

And so since the late nineties there have been dating sites, there have been apps, there have even been top end dating agencies and dinner clubs, but classic, good ole’ fashioned speed dating still survives. Why?

Put simply, it’s real. Singles can meet each other face to face and have a fun night out at the same time and unlike a bar or a club, everyone is there for the same reason: to meet other singles. So we leave this blog with a question: Where else can you go to do this?

Food is love, and it could be lovelier if you will enjoy it going to a fancy restaurant and try the so-called degustation menu. A lot of people like to try this special kind of menu to figure out the meal that they like and the wine that will go with the food perfectly. If you look for the degustation menu, you can expect around a sample of 20 courses or more, depending on the hotel or restaurant.

They will serve it in smaller portions good enough for you to try and enjoy each. Aside from that, the food is also served with high quality and tasty wine samples that you can try. This will enable you in mixing and matching the foods and the drinks so that you can finally decide what is best with what. Your taste buds will finally know which wine would complement particular foods or meals. 

Weddings, debut, and other special events require extra care and attention because these are once in a lifetime experiences. You need to be very particular with the preparation, especially with the meal. The food that you will serve in your event will play a significant role in entertaining your guests. 

If you have an organizer, make sure to ask him or her to book with the hotel or the restaurant that you will use a schedule for food tasting with a degustation menu. You must be able to have a taste of the available food that you can cater to your beloved guests.

This way, you will be able also to establish a clear expectation of what you are going to have at your party. You will know if the food that they will serve the quality that you are looking for in your food. It should be delicious so that your guests can savor every bite of it and enjoy your party as a whole. 

If you don’t have an organizer and would like to plan it out by yourself, you can also have this type of menu for food tasting. Just coordinate with the hotel and the restaurants that you are eyeing to get for your event. The staff would be willing to provide the degustation menu because it only includes a small meal and wine portions. It will also allow them to present what they can offer and eventually win your business. 

If you own a business and you want to present a good meal for your business partners or investors, you should try the degustation menu first before the event. You need to know and taste for yourself the foods that you will serve to your guests. If you do this, you will surely impress them and win their business. Always do this whenever you have a big event or if you have special guests that you want to impress. 

The degustation menu is always available. Ask for it now! They will provide it! 

Smart Tech, continues to open endless opportunities to meet new people online, today there are increasing amounts of social online dating sites that are made available so that dating can be done conveniently and instantly from the privacy of your home. However, if you want to find someone thats actually real you should try speed dating to help you discover that soul mate.

The problem with online dating is it has become expensive and your personal privacy maybe monetized in ways you never expected. 

A lot of online dating websites are filled with fake accounts just waiting to take advantage of your hard earned cash as you may not be even speaking with a real person. Don’t let yourself fall for these scams If you are serious about finding that special person without all the hassles and disappointment of finding out you have been played.

Why not consider an affordable speed dating service that offer professional speed dating events on a regular basis, and won’t cost you a fortune.

What is speed dating? 

Speed Dating, this is casual way singles can sort through a range of people via conversations that cycled and timed. It works like a game where you meet with a potential date for few minutes, and move to the next until you find someone that you find interesting and would like to get to know better.

What are the Benefits of Speed Dating and Why it is Better than Online Dating? 

If you want to try speed dating, here are some of the benefits that it can give you instead of doing online dating:

  1. Fun and Safe – Speed dating is done like a game, it is thrilling and enjoyable both for men and women who are looking for the perfect candidate to date. Speed Dating is extremely safe because it is a group activity and it is usually done in a restaurant or a public place operated by professional hosts. This allows you to safely go throughout the speed dating process with the best mindset to be your best.
  1. Convenience – Dating regularly to find that perfect partner can become expensive and it’s very hit and miss. With speed dating, you get the opportunity to meet a lot of potential partners within the one event. You also don’t need to waste your money on wining and dining because we offer speed dating packages that cover a lot of the expenses opposed to you having to cover it yourself. Taste Date is a convenient and fun way to socialise and meet new people regularly.
  1. Better Odds – Speed Dating offers many options and more chances of finally finding true love. You can also compare the candidates and see if you can feel a spark or attraction with the person. You will meet them in person so you can personally assess the dates if they are good for you. Aside from that, there are also other advantages in speed dating. You are closer to each other, and it feels more real and genuine.

Taste Date is leading the way in Speed Dating throughout the local Melbourne suburbs – checkout our coming events, and we hope to see you soon. 

Single and sick of it? Speed Dating might just be the spark you’re needing to find that special someone.

Taste Date offer speed dating opportunities that are fun, engaging and professionally run to give you the best environment for a top night without it costing too much.

Melbourne Based – Taste Date is a speed dating service with a twist. We Improve your odds through our Speed Dating events where you are able to meet and greet a bunch of like minded people just like you using the power of food. Our hand selected popular restaurants, local eat outs throughout Melbourne suburbs offer Degustation Menu’s, which basically means small proportions of food are brought to each cycle where you can enjoy each meal moment with a beverage and new partner.

This is why Taste Date has become a popular dating service in Melbourne, as our events are hosted and run in the most professional and entertaining way so there is never a dull moment. Our Goal is to ensure you never feel awkward or out of place we want you to enjoy each and every moment being you.

Taste Date continue to grow, with more and more speed dating events popping up each and every month for singles to find opportunity to find true love.

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