We are back for even more weird Speed Dating.

Last week we covered strange speed dating from around the word, from robots that do the talking for the (very shy) guests, to single events on a train, there are so many strange varieties of speed dating out their. 

Singles Events in Melbourne have always stayed pretty classic, as have most singles events in Australia, but what about naked speed dating? Keep reading. 

From Perth (yep, right here on home soil!) to the United Kingdom, singles event organisations are running naked speed dating where customers strip off all of their clothes and enjoy a night of speed dating in the nude. That’s totally nude. No underpants, no fashion accessories, nothing, just nude speed dating, unless of course the guests want to leave some clothes on, it’s really up to them. 

It’s had mixed results around the world, with better turn outs in the Uk, here in Australia however, some nights have been prone to cancel due to the male tickets selling out but almost no female tickets getting sold at all. It turns out the men are quicker to take there clothes of when dating than the women.

What started off as a dare or a gimmick for some turned out to be a fun and surprisingly comfortable night out. 

How about speed dating so important that it’s set up by the government in order to save the human race? Yep, you read that correctly, and it’s back over in Japan – home of the speed dating robots!

In 2015 the Japanese government decided to combat a shrinking population by setting up and funding dating services where singles show up, go on a series of short dates and decide who they want to see again. 

It’s really just the classic speed dating formula, only funded by the government to encourage a young population that is loosing interest in relationships and marriage to hook up and make babies. 

In Japan this process is often called ‘konkatsu’, which translates into English as ‘Marriage Hunting’ – at Taste Date we’ll just stick to calling our unique twist Degustation Speed Dating, much safer.